Hab Vandenwijngaard exhibit in “Mercure Hotel” Sloterdijk, Amsterdam.

Mercure Sloterdijk, Naritaweg 1, 1043 BP Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

“ART Nordic 2017” 28 April – 30 April, Copenhagen – Denmark.

"ART Nordic 2017"

“Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet”, Otto Busses 5A, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Come visit us at “Art Nordic 2017”, 28 April untill 30 April, Copenhagen – Denmark. Location “Lokomotiv-Vaerkstedet”. See these beautiful Art pieces made by Hab Vandenwijngaard shown below, at Booth #80. Hab is a Visionary Artist who has been engaged in the production of Recycled Art in recent years. His main subjects are Masks, Fishes and Tables. The base consists of layers of used cardboard, decorated with a wide variety of electronic & computer parts and other materials. After the Artwork has it right shape, it is completely painted with fine acrylic markers. To make a Mask or Fish is very labor-intensive.

For further information about the “Art Nordic 2017” see www.

Highly detailed Masks.

Delicate and graphic lines.

Newest Mask, a very large one.

Sculpture of a Big Fish. Side 1.

Sculpture of a Big Fish. Side 2.

Subtle colors.

Recycle art.

Doodle Art.

Raw Art, Art Brut.

Visionary Art.

Sorry, this Mask has a new owner.

“Female character tables”

Funny details.

Movable parts.



Large and small masks.

Sorry this piece is just SOLD.

Hold on, I’m comin.

Inspiration “Tribal Art”.

All masks are made of cardboard.

Small fishes.

Little Fish in Box.

Cover with Fish.

New collectors items now available

We’ve selected three new artworks from the serie ‘Female character tables’  with the titles ‘Kiss my footsteps’, ‘Rose solution for seduction’ and  ‘Provocative feelings’.  Please visit our Etsy store.

Kiss my footsteps

Kiss my footsteps (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Rose solution for seduction

Rose solution for seduction (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Provocative feelings

Provocative feelings (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)


A repost of two artworks I posted earlier this year, but this time with a better image quality.