Photoshoot for “ArtBox”.

Hab Vandenwijngaard has been invited by “Fransastic”to parcipate in the ArtBox. Hab’s participation will consist 8 of his successful “Masks”.

With the ArtBox “Fransastic” have designed an unique product with which they present Art in a complete new way. The ArtBox is a stylish designed, manageable customized box with least 8 reproduced works of Art from a single or combined artists.

Photo Impression “Art Nordic” Exhibitions 2017 – Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet – Copenhagen – Denmark.

The Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet how it was in the old days.

A wonderful location for an Art Show.

Detail of the mask “Liar liar your pants on fire”.

Detail of the mask “Hold on I’m comin”.

The masks make people smile and happy.

Booth #80.

Scarlett Haasnoot.

Hab Vandenwijngaard and Jens Josefsen