About Olof Art

Olof Art Collective
In addition to being a successful artist, Hab Vandenwijngaard always found ways to help and support others in need of artistic expression. For many years Olof Art created an opportunity for artists whose work lay outside of the mainstream art.

In 2017 Hab Vandenwijngaard was invited to participate in the largest Art Fair in Scandinavia, Art Nordic, located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Art Nordic brought Hab an international acclaim. For two consecutive years, in 2017 and 2018, Hab Vandenwijngaard received The Most Versatile Artist Award.
Throughout his career, Hab has curated art events in Europe and United States. Art Nordic was the next step – bringing a different kind of awareness, helping audience to see things in a broader, perhaps different way through his own work. Being able to exhibit and share your work with the public gives you an opportunity to engage with the audience, to take risks, push boundaries and declare who you are as an artist. Art Nordic has accelerated that process, which has led to modification of the Olof Art philosophy. In 2018 Hab Vandenwijngaard decided to continue with Olof Art as a collective. The collective currently consists of Hab Vandenwijngaard, Scarlett Haasnoot (Textile / Weaving Art), Floyd van den Wijngaard (Graphic Art). While conforming to its own artistic sensibilities, the collective maintains inspiring worldwide contacts with artists and galleries around the world; most notable located in the USA, Iceland, Japan and Denmark.