Art Nordic 2019 impression

April 5th – 7th 2019 award winning Hab Vandenwijngaard attended the Art Nordic for the third time with his special art. This time he shared the booth with Scarlett Haasnoot and Floyd van den Wijngaard. Resulting in good contacts, invitations and compliments for the high standard and quality. Hab exhibited his religious, ingenious and highly […]

Photo Impression “Art Nordic” Exhibitions 2018 – Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet – Copenhagen – Denmark.

ArtNordic 2018 – Copenhagen.

For the second time in a row: Hab Vandenwijngaard “Most Surprising and Original Artist Year 2018” at ArtNordic.

Marziart Internationale Galerie – Hamburg.

November 2017.
Hab van den Wijngaard lädt uns zur Entdeckung seiner fantastischen Welten ein. Ob 2-dimensional in der Malerei oder 3 -dimensional in der Herstellung von Masken, der Künstler setzt eine Objekte aus einer Vierzahl kleinster und grössere Elemente zusammen und schafft vielfältige Formen und Zusammenhänge. Er arbeitet nach einem psychologische Prinzip, thematisch nicht in die Tiefe zu gehen, sondern Geist auf der Oberfläche zu erweitern. Sein Humor und die skurrile, verspielte Qualität seines Linienstils erinnern an die Zeichungen von Paul Klee, einer seiner Vorbilder. Jedes Jahr arbeite Hab in einem Studio eines befreundeten amerikanischen Künstlers und Psychiaters auf Long Island in den USA. Diese Zusammenarbeit prägt seine Kunst sehr, viele Ausstellungen hat Hab in New York. Aber auch in Japan, Paris und Kopenhagen zeigte er seine Kunst, in Kopenhagen gewann er kürzlich einen Preis.

Sneak preview ‘ARTBOX’ Hab Vandenwijngaard.

The Art Box Collection is a series of stylish created customized boxes – The Art Box with 8 high quality reproduced works of art from a single artist.

Hab Vandenwijngaard’s  ‘Art Box’ will be released on July 3rd 2017.

Hab  shows his well-received Art / Masks, which earned him the First Prize at The Art Nordic in Copenhagen, and an invitation to participate in the Biënnale in Florence.

Front cover of Hab's ARTBOX.

Back of Hab.s ARTBOX.

Work in Progress, Hab Vandenwijngaard.

Hab is hard working on a new series of contemporary paintings / portraits,  for his exhibition in Amsterdam at the “Mercure Hotel”. In his portraits he combines the techniques he also uses in his “Masks”.

Photoshoot for “ArtBox”.

Hab Vandenwijngaard has been invited by “Fransastic”to parcipate in the ArtBox. Hab’s participation will consist 8 of his successful “Masks”.

With the ArtBox “Fransastic” have designed an unique product with which they present Art in a complete new way. The ArtBox is a stylish designed, manageable customized box with least 8 reproduced works of Art from a single or combined artists.

Hab Vandenwijngaard, Ross Brodar and Orsouw exhibit in “Double Tree by Hilton NDSM Hotel” Amsterdam.

Entrance “Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam” by NDSM Wharf.

Hab Vandenwijngaard (Netherlands), Ross Brodar (US) and Orsouw (US) exhibit in the “Fransastic Art Gallery” of the “Double Tree by Hilton NDSM Hotel” Amsterdam, from May 12 to June 9 – 2017.

The “Double Tree by Hilton NDSM Hotel” is located in the formal Smederij of the NDSM wharf, NDSM-Plein 28, 1033 WB Amsterdam. An Unique exhibition of three Artists (Netherlands and the US), with an identical approach and a new perspective, of Contemporary Art.

Heads, Hab Vandenwijngaard.


XIth Florence Biennale eARTh: Creativity & Sustainability.

Hab Vandenwijngaard is selected by an International Selection Committee, to participate in the XIth Florence Biennale, which will take place in Florence, at the Fortezza da Brasso, from 6 to 15 October 2017.

Photo Impression “Art Nordic” Exhibitions 2017 – Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet – Copenhagen – Denmark.

A wonderful location for an Art Show.

Hab Vandenwijngaard “Most Surprising and Original Artist Year 2017” at Art Nordic

Hab Vandenwijngaard "Most surprising and original Artist Year 2017" say Monica Ritterbandand Inger de Stricker. "Art Nordic"Exhibitions.

Hab Vandenwijngaard was awarded “Most surprising and original Artist Year 2017 (1st place)” at the Art Nordic, the biggest Art exhibition in Northern Europe. Selected from hundreds of pre-qualified active artist and chosen by an expert jury. A panel of three appointed judges, Boi & Laynet Wynch, Inger de Stricker and Monica Ritterband.

The couple Laynet Lore Wynch and Boi Wynch founded Art-Nordic to enhance the big interest in Art and to improve the connection and understanding between artists and art collectors – including the possibility of expanding the interaction between art-clubs and the interest in Art among different nations.

Monica Ritterband (born 1955) is a Danish artist, who previously worked as a journalist and speaker.

Ritterband worked as a journalist for Ekstra Bladet and Weekendavisen and was a presenter at the DR’s TV news for several years. In 1990, she became CEO of Carlsberg Group. Since 1997, she has devoted herself to her art full-time.

Among Ritterband’s artistic works are several candlesticks for the Holmegaard, a porcelain series Musica for Royal Copenhagen, tablecloths from Georg Jensen Damask and blankets for Egetæpper, a Danish blanket company, but she has also designed larger works of art; there are a series of stainless steel sculptures in the former municipality of Farum.

Monica Ritterband edited the book Flammer for Frihed (Flames for Freedom), dedicated to Amnesty International which contained music from Frederik Magle and essays by 24 Danes and was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ritterband has been named Artist of the Year in Denmark four times.

Inger the Stricker is Cand. Mag. from Aarhus University with the bays history and art history (1976). Since 1977, she worked in high school as a teacher and lecturer – since 1996 with appointment as lecturer in Nykøbing cathedral school in subjects, history, art and classical studies.

Announcement and handing over the First Prize “Most Surprising and Original Artist Year 2017”, by Inger de Stricker, Monica Ritterband and Laynet Wynch.

Monica Ritterband, named Artist of the Year in Denmark four times

Inger the Stricker.

Succesful start for Hab at the ‘ArtNordic’ 2017

The Diploma, First Prize for The Most surprising and Originaliteit Artist year 2017.

Announcement of the prize winners, by Boi & Laynet Wynch, Art Nordic ApS.

Monica Ritterbrand, External appointment Rudge.

“ART Nordic 2017” 28 April – 30 April, Copenhagen – Denmark.

"ART Nordic 2017"

“Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet”, Otto Busses 5A, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Come visit us at “Art Nordic 2017”, 28 April untill 30 April, Copenhagen – Denmark. Location “Lokomotiv-Vaerkstedet”. See these beautiful Art pieces made by Hab Vandenwijngaard shown below, at Booth #80. Hab is a Visionary Artist who has been engaged in the production of Recycled Art in recent years. His main subjects are Masks, Fishes and Tables. The base consists of layers of used cardboard, decorated with a wide variety of electronic & computer parts and other materials. After the Artwork has it right shape, it is completely painted with fine acrylic markers. To make a Mask or Fish is very labor-intensive.

For further information about the “Art Nordic 2017” see www.

Sculpture of a Big Fish. Side 1.

Sculpture of a Big Fish. Side 2.

“Female character tables”

Arranging Hab’s exhibition in ‘Galerie OP11’ Zundert.

Solo Exhibition of Hab Vandenwijngaard at Galerie OP11, Wernhoutseweg 11, 4881GA Zundert.

The Gallery is open on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

03-03-2017 …………26-03-2017

‘Nationale Kunstdagen’ at Ahoy in Rotterdam, November 2016.

'Nationale Kunstdagen' Ahoy Rotterdam.

‘Nationale Kunstdagen’ Ahoy Rotterdam.

Hab Vandenwijngaard in front of his 'green' Masks.

Hab Vandenwijngaard in front of his ‘green’ Masks and Female Character Tables.

OAF (Outsider Art Fair) Paris, October 2016.

October 20-23, 2016.

Artist Arthur Klein, Netherlands.

Owner ‘Olof Art’ Hab Vandenwijngaard.

Scarlett and Larissa, staff 'Olof Art'.

Scarlett and Larissa, staff ‘Olof Art’.


Larissa, Hab and Scarlett, last night in Paris.

Larissa, Hab and Scarlett, last night in Paris.

Grand Opening of the Outsider Art Fair New York 2016.

Photo impression of the grand opening of the world-famous “Outsider Art Fair” New York 2016, from Thursday, January 21 through Sunday, January 24 in the Metropolitan Pavillion. Olof Art had a very beautiful booth. Booth 34 with great artists such as Ross Brodar, Candyce Brokaw, Gérard Sendrey and John van Orsouw.

Impression OAF NY 2016 Booth

Impression OAF NY 2016 Booth

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New collectors items now available

We’ve selected three new artworks from the serie ‘Female character tables’  with the titles ‘Kiss my footsteps’, ‘Rose solution for seduction’ and  ‘Provocative feelings’.  Please visit our Etsy store.

Kiss my footsteps

Kiss my footsteps (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Rose solution for seduction

Rose solution for seduction (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Provocative feelings

Provocative feelings (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Female character tables by Hab Vandenwijngaard

Female character tables with fish in the drawer by Hab Vandenwijngaard

The ‘female character tables with fish in the drawer’ is a series of mini tables / small objects by Hab Vandenwijngaard

The ‘female character tables with fish in the drawer’ is a series of mini tables / small objects. The source of inspiration is the “table with drawer” on the principle of universal “kitchen table”. As an artist, Hab Vandenwijngaard is inspired by the supposed feminine grace the table with drawer. For decades he paint and draw tables with drawers and fish. The fish in the drawer is a central recurring theme. The small tables have a playful expression of feminine seduction. Long table legs in provocative poses, and the tray with fish as a fertility symbol, sometimes the uterus or breast with nipple. The selected material is cardboard, and acrylic ink and acrylic paint.

Sensitive appearance

Sensitive appearance (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

My appearance

My appearance (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Inner challenge

Inner challenge (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Outstanding suggestions

Outstanding suggestions (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Control in black

Control in black (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Resistance high-heeled

Resistance high-heeled (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Provocative feelings

Provocative feelings (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

My inner glow

My inner glow (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Rose solution for seduction

Rose solution for seduction (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

As the morning sun

As the morning sun (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Kiss my footsteps

Kiss my footsteps (Female character tables with fish in the drawer)

Raw Vision. “Olof Art” at “Outsider Art Fair” New York 2016.

Raw Vision“Olof Art” at the “Outsider Art Fair” New York 2016.

Location: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Featuring Artists: Candyce Brokaw, Gerard Sendrey, Ross Brodar and John van Orsouw.

Curators: Hab Vandenwijngaard, Scarlett Haasnoot and Larisa Glushtrom.

Outsider Art Fair New York 2016.

OAF NY 2016

Olof Art is back in New York to participate in one of the most important
Outsider Art events globally – the New York Outsider Art Fair. Outsider Art Fair sets high standards where only selected few galleries and art dealers get to be admitted to the Art Fair. In January, when OAF will open its doors, Olof Art will showcase a variety of artworks by Gerard Sendrey, Candyce Brokaw, Ross Brodar and John van Orsouw to name a few. The curators of Olof Art -Hab Vandenwijngaard, Scarlett Haasnoot and Larisa Gutierrez – have put together an exciting collection of Outsider Art which will certainly appeal to the audience.
Olof Art Booth # 34 Outsider Art Fair New York January 21-24Metropolitan

Scarlett Haasnoot. Wearable Art.


A scarf I made back in 2009 The design was inspired by the rough nature of Iceland.

Series: Saga Transparency

Technique: Satin – Block Damask

See also:


A repost of two artworks I posted earlier this year, but this time with a better image quality.


New work

Two new artworks


Seeing pink elephants

(in black and white)

New website Olof Art

Welcome to our new website. In the coming days/weeks we will add more content. But here is the humble start. We hope you will enjoy our art and please come back in the coming weeks to see more art.

Annual Dutch Art Fair 2015

Art is attending the ADAF Saturday 26th and Sunday September 27th. This year
Hab Vandenwijngaard. Olof Art sees this participation as a try-out for the next
few years. Olof plans to continue with its represented artists participate in
several Art Fairs, including the ADAF. The ADAF is the largest, most
beautiful and most important Dutch Art Fair where artists themselves exhibit
and sell their work.

200 artists exhibit,  over 1.700 works of art with a great diversity, the
artists themselves are present, you buy art directly from the artists, also
international artists (amongst which Belgian, German, French, Polish, Italian
and Czech artists last year) take part in the exhibition; The ADAF is a
two-day fair of artists and designers for appreciators of contemporary art and
design. And not just any fair: the ADAF is the biggest, most beautiful and most
professional fair where you can meet and buy the works of artists and designers

art appreciator, -buyer and –collector you can find a wide variety of
contemporary art and design at the ADAF. Works vary from figurative to abstract
and from traditional to progressive. More than 200 national and international
artists and designers will exhibit about 1.700 2d-works and 3d-works.

the great success of the ADAF (Annual Dutch Art Fair) of the last four years,
the fifth edition of the ADAF takes place in 2015 on Saturday September 26th
and Sunday September 27th in the World Fashion Centre/Beursplaza in Amsterdam
and is open on both days from 11.00 until 17.30. The World Fashion Centre is
easily accessible with the public transportation and with private transport.
will take place on Saturday September 26th and Sunday September 27th, 2015.

ADAF is the most professional art fair in the Netherlands that offers artists
and designers the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works directly, without
having to pay any commission to the organization. Through this approach, the
ADAF creates a special platform for (inter)national artists, designers, and visitors.
Both professional and serious leisure artists and designers can participate
with the ADAF, provided that the works have a professional level. To ensure the
quality, a ballot committee will judge the art works application, before the
application will be converted into a definite participation

Long Island Quegue Art [part 41]

Title: the food and fragrance of the heart

Long Island Quogue Art [part 43]

Title: the pregnant bike fish

Long Island Quogue Art  [part 42]

Title: Early Bird 2015

Hab Vandenwijngaard, Moonfish

Koi Fish (2015)

Moonfish 2015